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Welcome to our new Google Checkout API Blog. Since the launch of Checkout in June last year, posts about the Google Checkout API appeared on the Official Google Checkout Blog. But with the growing interest of the developer community in the Checkout API, we needed a blog specifically devoted to that audience. We also didn't want to bore the Google Checkout Blog readers with the increasing number of technical posts.

Here's what we plan to cover on this blog:

  • New features in the API
  • Bug fixes
  • Hot topics in the Google Checkout Developer Forum
  • News from the Checkout sample code open source projects
  • Heads-up about conferences and events where we talk, and slides from these talks
  • Developer interviews
  • Technical articles or links to articles about the Checkout API
  • API integrations we've heard about

Our goal here is to enable a conversation with the developer community around this API, and your comments will help. As an experiment, we'll keep the comments open but moderated, and see whether it is sustainable to manage them in the long term. So go ahead, leave a comment and tell us what you would like to read here.

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Robin at E-junkie said...

This is great Patrick. I always missed the ability to talk back on

Patrick Chanezon said...

Thanks Robin, I'm glad to see you as the first commenter here: in the
Developer Forum
you're the 3rd non Google employee most prolific poster.

I look forward to read your feedback to our posts on this blog.


blanconet said...

I think it will be really usefull for us being abroad to use this blog. Nice :)

Ron said...

The folks at ZenCart appear to be struggling to get a workable contribution for Google Checkout API. Are you aware of any easy way to offer Google Checkout on my ZenCart based shopping cart at this time?

(info for readers: ZenCart is GPL free shopping cart software where a large base of users contribute to enhancing and supporting the software.)

Patrick Chanezon said...

Ron, you should check the Google Checkout module for Zen Cart:
* Homepage
* Documentation
* Download