HTML API: More than you thought it could do

Did you know that you can include any of the XML API tags in the HTML API? Our Help Center article shows you three simple rules to enable you to translate any XML element to an HTML parameter, and some examples to get you started.

Feel free to comment on this technique or post your questions on this thread.

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Another Google API public talk in Buenos Aires today

If you are a developer in Buenos Aires and missed yesterday's talk, I'll give a similar talk today at 4 pm at Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires (ITBA). Thanks to Bruno Rovagnati for organizing this session.

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Google API talk in Buenos Aires today

Today at 6:30 pm I'll give a talk at Opera Bay in Buenos Aires, as part of the Globant Tech Update: “Six Google APIs for Don Isidro Parodi. Let's help Don Isidro build a better web site using 6 Google APIs”. I'll talk about Ajax Search, Maps, KML, Google Data, Google Checkout and Google Web Toolkit. If you're in Buenos Aires, join the fun.

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See you at JavaOne

JavaOne starts next week in San Francisco. Our team prepared a great session titled Fun and Profit with the Google Checkout API in Java Technology.

I will present the excellent new Java sample code that my British colleague Simon Smith designed. Our sample code went through 2 refactorings recently so it's simpler than ever. And then my new colleague Inderjeet Singh will integrate the Java Petstore 2.0 (hint: look at the list of authors for this article - he knows the Petstore quite well:-) ) with Google Checkout in a few minutes live on stage, leveraging the Java sample code. Finally, Ignacio Blanco from Globant will present a new tool that we will release at JavaOne that helps merchants automate functional testing of their Google Checkout integration. With a mix of synchronous and asynchronous two-way web services calls, and Ajax interactions, functional testing of a Google Checkout integration is difficult to automate. The test server uses Selenium to act as a browser, and intercepts notifications, providing you a unified front end to create automated test suites for your store.

Our session takes place on Thursday, May 10th at 9:35 am in Esplanade 304/306. We hope to see many of you there.

Finally, many engineers from the Checkout team will spend time at the Google booth. If you're interested in Checkout, come say hi and see a demo.

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SSL certificate changed from * to

This post is relevant to merchants that completed a level 2 integration using the order processing API. On May 10, we will update the SSL certificate for from a wildcard certificate (* to a certificate specifically issued for
If you use the order processing API, it's important that your code follows the security guidelines outlined in the API documentation.

We also strongly recommend that you verify the authenticity of the server certificate whenever you make the HTTPS connection with Google. Before you send any data or do HTTP Basic Authentication, please verify that:

  • the server certificate belongs to or
  • the server certificate was signed by the appropriate Certifying Authority
  • the certificate has not expired
Once this change has been made, your production code should validate the SSL certificate against, not * Note that this change will not affect you if you use any of the sample code packages.

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