Advanced Google Checkout J2EE sample at SPA 2007

SPA 2007 Conference

Monday March 26th I will present a 75-minute tutorial about Google APIs: Search, Advertising and Commerce at SPA 2007 in Cambridge, UK. I will talk about many APIs: AJAX Search, Maps, Google Data, AdWords, Checkout and Google Web Toolkit, and show some cool demos of what you can do with them. After the conference, I'll post the slides on the Google Code Blog.

For Checkout API aficionados, we will have a special treat: my British colleague Simon J. Smith from the Google-UK Checkout team will co-present with me. He'll present the excellent Java code samples he's been working on recently, where he uses Message Driven Beans to process Checkout Order Notification messages. Exciting stuff: Message Driven Beans are the right way to process asynchronous messages in J2EE in a scalable way. We'll post updates about this code sample in this blog when Simon publishes it.

If you're in the UK and are interested in Google APIs, come join us in Cambridge. Else Wednesday March 28th I'll be in London and would be delighted to meet developers from the area at The Victoria Pub in Belgrave St (it seems to be the watering hole for London Googlers), starting at 7 pm, to talk tech with a beer in hand. Comment on this post if you're interested.

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